H2O 4 Lives

shakir dossa
3 min readMar 10, 2021


H2O for lives is a company that focuses on supplying clean drinkable water to undeveloped areas that lack clean sources of water. While the problem we are aiming to solve may sound intimidating, solving it is plausible with the help of the H2O 4 Lives Air Water Generator (AWG). The AWG will operate with low cost, while maintaining a clear focus on the cleanliness and quantity of the water produced. The SDG we aim to solve is that of clean water and sanitation.

Consumers need to know where the water they drink is coming from and if it is clean, hence the AWG utilizes a 7-step filtration process that is in line with FDA regulations. H20 for lives does just that in a cost-effective way. By conducting a cost analysis with one of H2O for lives desalinated counterparts, one liter of atmospheric water averages to over 3 times cheaper per liter of water!

This product stops and helps stop pollution too. We have also conducted a survey and found out that 87.2% of UAE’s households rely on bottled water and other in-home filtration systems. Out of that 15% percent of the people want to switch from bottled water to a more reliable source of water. The abundance of water vapor means that water provision will no longer be discriminatory to areas with a lack of natural freshwater. No longer will underprivileged families, like the ones we’ve seen in Nepal, have to drink disease infested water. With our solution, these families can now live better lives.

H2O 4 Lives also confronts UAE’s Carbon footprint by entering the household market as the majority of total emissions are coming from our own homes. It is our duty to reduce individual contributions by integrating a compact and sustainable unit that follows a safe process to benefit the planet.

To further demonstrate the reliability of our model, we have collected a testimonial from Mr. Usman Yousuf who is a business owner and passionate environmentalist. He made sure to comment on the brilliant innovation that is our product and has stated that the AWG has scientifically proven effectiveness when tackling CO2 emissions.

However, a question that you must all have is how realistic is this idea. Is it even going to work? To put all those questions to rest we have built a working prototype of the Air Water Generator. This AWG is a smaller scale model built out of PC parts. I have used components such as heat sinks and thermoelectric modules to efficiently capture atmospheric humidity and condense it into drinkable, pure and sustainable water. Our model was left under room temperature and outdoors where it generated an astounding average of 200ml of water in 8 hours while running at 12V and 5 Amps at a low total production cost of $45. When scaling this up to 13 Liters with advanced technology, our research tells us that unit cost of production would be around $300. This is a lot cheaper than the majority of filtration systems found within the UAE and gives us great hope for the success of the AWG. As you can tell, the concept is extremely sustainable and with the proper funding, it will provide fruitful results.

The mission statement that H2O 4 Lives believes in is that of equal opportunity and the distribution of privilege. It is not enough to just view evidences of injustice to the underprivileged, instead we find that the only way to actually help is to take action. The AWG is a lifeline for the thirsty school kinds in the slums of Nepal and a second chance at a better life for a heavily polluted world. We need your help to achieve our goals and with your support, changing the world no longer seems like a far fetched idea.